Here at Coastal Floral Design we offer a ‘Bulk Buy’ discount to all of our D.I.Y customers. This means you can buy full wraps of flowers at a discounted wholesale price. By taking full wraps of each flower, this allows us to pass on our prices to you. The amount of stems in each wrap varies depending on flower variety, but this is often 20, 25 or 50 stems per wrap.

Bulk Buy Flowers, Cut Flowers for DIY Brides

How It Works:

Our customers provide us with a list of the flower varieties required and rough quantities, and we provide you with a quotation for those flowers and the quantities required to receive discount price. If our customers are happy with the quotation provided and would like to go ahead, we will arrange collection date and order the flowers to arrive with us 24 hours before collection to hydrate them in our studio. Final prices for the bulk buy discount will be      confirmed 3 weeks prior with full balance required 2 weeks before the collection date. A consultation to discuss flower choices is not provided with the ‘Bulk Buy’. If you would like a consultation, this can be arranged for an additional cost.

As everything we buy is at an auction, quotation prices are not guaranteed until 3 weeks prior to your collection date.